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Current version: 1.3

- Creating gif animation with custom size, delay and effects
- Inport image sequence from video
- Localization: Russian, English, Portuguese


Instalation instructions

Before downloading ensure that you've installed Java Runtime Environment and it works properly.

1. Download distribution that corresponds your operating system: Linux, Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit.

2. Unzip archive with application, run .exe file (hs file for Linux).

How to use application

1. Create Gif from Video

Open application, press "Import Media" button. In opened dialog press "Choose file" and choose it :)

After you have chosen video file you can slide slider at the bottom of the dialog.

Put slider at the start position and press "Set start" or manually enter time.

Set slider at the end position and press "Set end" to define video range.

Select FPS - count of images that will be extracted from video per one second.

Press "Prepare Images" and wait while application extracts images, if you press "Enough" - that process will be finished.

Press "Import!" to send that images into parent window - wait while progress bar at the bottom of the parent window reach the end.

Here you can select frames and apply effect or remove it. You can set delay for selected frame (by default without pressing button) or select delay for all frames (with pressing button).

Press "Save to Gif" button to get animated gif.

Look what I've g0t:

Impressed? :)


You have to download appropriate package of application depending of you OS:

Download for Windows (x32)

Download for Windows (x64)

Download for Linux (x64)

I'm accepting with pleasure all your propositions and criticism in comments below. Thank you for your patience ;)

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  2. Hi,

    Excellent program — I used it to create an Avatar from an extract from a YouTube video.

    I have Win 7 64 bit but kept getting Java start up errors with the 64 bit version, so used the 32 bit OK.

    May I request that you add the ability to save/load PROJECTS so that they can be re-loaded and edited without having to start from the beginning?

    If you do, I’ll happily donate $5 to your project


    1. Hi,
      I’m really glad that someone is still using my application.

      Last times I have a lot of requests, but I didn’t plan to support application. People usually don’t like Java apps, cause they have to install JRE and decide which version to use. I wanted to rewrite application with Python so you can install it like Dropbox, without any pain.

      GIF file is a «project» itself, all I need — add ability to open GIF with application, not only to save. I’ll try to add it in app.


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