Effective unit testing by Lasse Koskela

“Always leave your code cleaner than you found it” (rephrased boy-scout rule).scout

It’s been half a year since I’ve read a book “Effective Unit Testing” by Lasse Koskela in hope to improve TDD approach. It helps me to determine bad test practices, adhere following rules to make tests more reliable, readable and grow their trustworthiness. Continue reading

Plaszów these days

Today 27th of January is a day when we must to give another one thought to terror. 70 years ago people in Auschwitz concentration camp became free.
I want to propose you my own material from another place – polish Plaszów, labour camp territory in modern Krakow. Everybody knows film “Schindler’s List” – the place is somehow related to it. If you want – you can easily find a lot of data in the web, I’ll tell only what I saw.

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